Hundertwasser Style Tree Painting

Have fun colour mixing to create these lollipop trees in the style of Hundertwasser

Swirly Tree Picture

Take inspiration from Gustav Klimt to create this swirly, golden tree using oil pastels and water colour paint

Cherry Blossom Picture

Use Indian Ink and Oil Pastels to create this Japanese Cherry Blossom picture in the style of Taikan Yokoyama.

Snowglobe Painting

Make a festive snow globe painting

Clay Pinch Pot Monster

Use Air Dry Clay to make your own monster

3D Marbles Picture

Oil pastel magic in this 3D effect picture

Leaf Zentangle

Experiment with pattern and line to make this funky autumn leaf

Oil Pastel Octopus

Use oil pastels to create a colourful octopus drawing

Eileen Agar Collage

Make your own collage papers for use in this project

Cupcake Collage

Use old magazines, and wrapping paper to create this colourful artwork


Have fun making this stalking tiger collage

Easy reduction printing

An easy introduction to reduction printing for all to enjoy

clay flower in an egg box

Use air dry clay and an egg box to make these beautiful clay flowers

3D Snowflake

An impressive looking DIY decoration that is actually really easy to make

Sticky Paper Christmas Trees

A creative and mess free Christmas card idea

Foil Leaves

Use a glue gun to make these lovely leaves

Double Drawing

A fun drawing game

Autumn Leaf Colour Wheel

An arty use for all those beautiful leaves

Fun with Paint

Messing about with paint…

Galaxy Canvas

An ‘out of this world’ painting for space lovers…

Geometric Canvas

A funky geometric canvas to brighten up any wall…

Fun with patterns

Hours of fun for the pattern obsessed …

Marbling with Foam

Create beautiful patterns in minutes…

Pressed Flower Decoration

Have fun making this summer decoration…

Make a holiday keepsake

A creative use for your shell collection…