1545318238876Fold a square of white paper into quarters diagonally. Cut straight lines from the folded edges up towards the centre about 1cm apart. Stop about 1cm before you get to the centre fold. Open out the paper.  Begin at the centre, aligning opposite corners together and sticking with glue or sellotape to make a small tube.  Flip the paper over and repeat with the next pair of corners.  Carry on like this, flipping and sticking until the whole thing is complete.  Now you have one point of your snowflake!  Make another four or five and secure together using sellotape or glue.  I also joined the edges together with small amounts of sellotape so that it keeps its shape when hung.  Secure some ribbon and ta-daa! A beautiful 3D snowflake.

Why not try making a range of sizes or using different coloured paper?


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