Who doesn’t love space?  Why not create your own nebula for your bedroom?

You will need:

Ready Mixed Paint

A Small Canvas



First you will need to paint your canvas black.  Do this in advance so that it can dry.

Now you are ready to create your galaxy! Working from the middle, out, gradually build up your various colours of paint, blending with the sponge as you go.  The more time you take on this, the more impact your galaxy will have.  Add some white highlights and blend those in too.  This will make it really pop!  Don’t worry about making mistakes, you can always blend over the top of anything you don’t like so just go for it. Once you are happy with your canvas it is time for the really fun bit!  Grab your toothbrush (an old one!) and dip in in the white paint.  Use your finger to splatter tiny stars across your galaxy.  Stand back and admire your handy work!



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