This is a great way to make the most of the many lovely varieties of flowers that are in bloom at this time of year.

You will need:

A selection of flowers

A flower press

Sticky back plastic

Lolly Sticks


Firstly, you will need to press your flowers.  I remember having great fun doing this as a child and I must admit that a huge part of it was the fact that it had to be left for several days before the grand reveal.  Nowadays it is possible to buy microwavable flower presses that do the same job, just much quicker.  My daughter has one so that is what I used here.  Once the flowers are pressed you need to make the frame using lolly sticks (coloured ones are nice, but you could also decorate plain ones using marker pens) by sticking them onto a sheet of sticky back plastic.  With the frame in place, you can start arranging the pressed flowers.  Be careful here as they are hard to reposition if they are accidently dropped onto the plastic! When this is done you just need one more sheet of sticky back plastic to sandwich the flowers and trim around the edges of the frame.  Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top and add a ribbon so it can be hung (they look nice on a window with light shining through).

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