December is upon us so it must be time to start thinking about Christmas cards!  This is a fun and creative project with the added bonus of very little mess due to the sticky paper.

You will need:

Sticky backed paper


Tissue paper


White, blue and brown paper

First, draw your Christmas trees on the non-sticky side of the paper.  Measure it against the card you plan to use to make sure it will fit.  Peel off the sticky paper and turn it sticky side up.  Secure the corners with masking tape to make the next stage easier.  Stick sequins onto the trees followed by small bit of torn tissue paper.  One the trees are covered use the brown paper to add in the trunks.  Now cut a wavy section out of the white paper and stick to the bottom half of your scene (the trees will be covered up but don’t worry, they will be revealed soon).  Now add your blue paper to the top, over-lapping the white.  Carefully un-stick the masking tape and turn your picture over.  Voila!  A beautiful snowy scene all ready to be made into a fabulous card.

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