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Beautiful Birds!

Length of session – 2 x approx. 1 hour Ages 5 – 11 As part of our ‘back to basics’ drawing topic this term, the children have been applying what they have learnt about line and shape by creating a bird drawing. We began this two week topic with some guided drawing.  The children worked …

Autumnal Collage

Project Length – 2 x 1 hr Ages – 5 – 11 This project is a great way to make good use of old newspaper! The children began by paining some sheets of newspaper in four different colours (orange, brown, blue and green).  It is a good idea to encourage them to spread the paint …

Initial Letter Reduction Printing

Introducing the idea of reversing images for printing.

Introduction to printing

The children in our art clubs have been busy getting to grips with the idea of printing this week.    We had a short discussion about printing before hand and many of the children realised that they had printed before even if it was simply using potatoes or hands.  We talked about different kinds of …

Introduction to Landscapes

Introducing children to the idea of landscapes

New Year, New Topic

Gearing up for a brand new topic. Messy but fun!

Flowers Collage

Creative collages