Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas break.  The topic for the coming half term at Art explorers is Clay so I will be spending the next few days getting all of the materials and tools ready and distributed to our club leaders.   Clay topics are always lots of fun and children take great pride in what they produce.  It is a good way to show children that that there is more to art than drawing and is particularly good for those who struggle with the fine motor skills involved with holding pencils and brushes.   We are trying a couple of new projects this time which will incorporate both mark-making and moulding and hopefully produce some great results.   We use air-drying clay for our clay work which you can buy in Hobbycraft or online, should your child wish to continue their clay journey at home.  It takes a couple of days to dry out and harden and then it can be painted.  We use acrylic paints in our classes as they sit on the surface of the clay and have a lovely sheen rather than soaking into the surface.   I will be sharing these projects with you here over the next few weeks should you need some inspiration or ideas so please check back in a week or so.  Now, off to round up some mark-making ‘stuff’…

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