This was a two week project with each session lasting around 45 minutes.

Session One

The children were each given a lump of clay and told to roll it into a ball and then squish it down with the heel of their hand. Once it was slightly flattened, they rolled it out further using a rolling pin to the thickness of approximately 2 £1 coins (be careful that they don’t roll them too thinly as they will break when dry). They then placed a paper plate on the top to use as a template and cut around the edges to create a disc. Using a sheet of cling film to stop the clay sticking to the plate they carefully placed the clay disc on the paper plate and pressed around the sides to gently mould it into a plate shape with raised edges. Once this was in place they were free to decorate the plate in anyway they wanted. They were given some ideas such as stripes, circles, spirals but they really enjoyed the opportunity to get create and do their own thing using a range of mark making tools provided. Once complete, the plates were left to dry.

Session Two

The children used acrylic paints to decorate their plates. We talked about planning a colour scheme and putting some thought into which colours they would use. For instance, would they stick to a ‘family’ of colours or would they use a wider range of hues? We also talked about the necessity to paint the background colours in first with a larger brush then the details on top using a thinner brush. The children all took great care in using the paint to enhance their patterns and make them really come to life. I love how each plate is completely unique and tells us something about its creator.

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