Let it snow!

Not long to go now!  I was told recently that it is going to be 16°C on Christmas Day so I think it’s fair to say that snow is not looking very likely.  Let’s not get downhearted though – we can make our own snow at home and have lots of creative fun along the way.


The first idea I wanted to share with you is actually an activity I used at our After School Club this week courtesy of a fab website called It’s Always Autumn.  It was very popular and was a great exercise in cutting and accuracy for older children (these children were aged 6 – 8).  Following the templates takes the old cut out snowflake idea to another level and I guarantee they will be very pleased with the results.   I would encourage them to try the templates provided and then use this as a platform for designing their own.  Drawing around a medium sized plate on a sheet of A4 gave us a manageable size for cutting.

The other idea is a bit more gloopy but no less fun.  Littler ones will also enjoy getting stuck in with this.  PVA glue is always a big favourite in our mini classes! You will need a sheet of plastic (I used plastic wallets for clip files cut open), pva glue and glitter.  If you can get hold of pva glue in a small squirty bottle, this willl be easier but a spreader will also work. Older children will enjoy following a snowflate template placed under the plastic – you can find loads to download and print online.  Younger ones may prefer to just freestyle. Apply the glue in your snowflake shape (or maybe just a simple swirl!) . While the glue is still wet, sprinkle liberally with glitter and shake off the excess.  Leave it to dry completely.  You should then be able to carefully peel the design off the plastic.  These snowflakes look great on a window and should stick by themselves or you could use them as part of a winter picture.


No excuse for boring windows now! Enjoy x

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