Creating a space for creating

Phew! I have just returned from my garage where I have been attempting to get everything ready for classes next week.  This is no mean feat at the moment as the garage has been plunged into utter chaos.  My normally organised art materials are buried under piles of things normally stored in the shed.  The reason?  The shed is no more.  It was torn down last week to make space for a brand new shiny one (aka ‘log cabin’) that will be my new Art Explorers HQ.  Obviously this is all very exciting. It is no exaggeration to say that I am immensely looking forward to organising all of my lovely art materials in my lovely new shed, sorry, log cabin.  Sad, I know, but there it is.

All this upheaval has made me realise how important it is to have materials ready to use without having to search for them.  This is also the case for children. When the creative impulse strikes they need to be able to access what they need to make it happen.  I have always made sure that my own children have a ready supply of pens, pencils, paper, glue, selloptape etc and have tried my best to keep it arranged in a tidy, organised fashion.  This isn’t always easy but clearly labelled containers (with lids) make it slightly more achievable.  In an ideal world, we would all love to have a table and shelves devoted to the artistic endevours of our little ones but for many people this isn’t a possibility. If you don’t have the space for shelves, a transparent shoe organiser such as the one below, makes a great place to keep bits and pieces.


And if you find that you can’t devote an area of your house solely to your crafty little one, why not try a trolley like the one below?  It can be moved to where ever you need it and keep things neatly arranged and easily accessible.


Art storage doesn’t have to be expensive either.  I love these ideas of recycling milk containers or tins (I would use electricians tape around the top of the tins to keep them safe).

I’d love to know how you store your art materials, I’m sure there are some inventive ideas out there.  Use the comments section below to share! I think I will be utilising some of these ideas in my lovely new art space once it is up. Watch this space for pictures… I can’t wait! Happy organising! x

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