It seems like winter has finally arrived.  Time to dig out hats and gloves and spend a good fifteen minutes getting ready to leave the house! On a positive note, we have had some beautiful frosty mornings here over the last few days.  Even our bike shed was transformed in to a work of art with beautiful ice-crystal patterns snaking all over it.   Of course, if you are small, this kind of weather brings hopes of snow.  My son proclaimed that he is certain it will snow on Christmas Day.  I didn’t like to dash his hopes but it has been a good few years since we had anything resembling proper so here in sunny Hertfordshire!

Anyway, all of this frostiness has brought to mind a wonderful sensory, colour mixing activity that we have enjoyed in the past at Art Explorers.  It’s so easy – all you need is water, food colouring, ice-cube trays and paper.  Mix up some different colours using the food colouring and water (a few drops of food colouring is enough) and fill ice-cube trays.  Pop them in the freezer.  You could put lolly sticks in each one so that there is a ‘handle’ to hold onto but this isn’t essential. Once they are frozen place a selection on a sheet of white paper and let your little on push them around, watching the trail of colour behind them as they melt. (It’s a good idea to do this in a baking tray so that the ice-cubes don’t fly off all over the floor!) If you make red, blue, and yellow ice-cubes, children can get a hands on experience of colour theory as the secondary colours start to appear.  This is great fun and is even suitable for very little ones. They will be intrigued by the feel of the ice.  Happy exploring! x

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