Length of session – 1 hour

Ages 5 – 11


This half term we are going ‘back to basics’ with our drawing at Art Explorers.  We use an adapted version of the Mona Brookes method from her book, ‘Drawing With Children’.  We began by looking at the different types of line and shape and played some ‘looking’ games to get the children warmed up.

Once they were secure in the idea of straight, curved and angle lines, circles and dots we then moved on to using these elements to create an abstract picture.

The first part of this session is guided drawing so it is essential that all children are properly engaged and listening before you begin. I told them first to draw three straight lines on their paper (A4), each one starting on one edge and finishing on another using a black sharpie.  They can cross, or not – it’s up to them.  They were then instructed to draw three dots anywhere on the paper but to try to vary the size and shape each time.  Larger dots were filled in using thick felt pens.  Then they put their pen in the centre of one of the dots and drew any kind of curved line from that dot to any edge.  Once they had done that, they draw a circle that touched at least one of their straight lines.  We recapped what we had used at this point and they spotted that we hadn’t yet used an angle line.  They fixed this by adding one in, but again, making it start at one edge and finish on another.

Once these basic were in place I showed them how they could use a range of mark making and pattern to add interest to the different sections of their picture.  I gave them a few ideas and then set them off to do their own thing.  Once they had a few areas with patterns I gave out the coloured markers and they had a lot of fun adding colour to their pictures.   As they worked they chatted about what they could see within the patterns, which was lovely to hear.

At the end of the session we gathered them up and had a look at them together.  It is amazing how different they all are given they all came from the same set of instructions at the start.  A really nice chance for the children to show off their brilliant creativity.


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