Ages 5 – 11

Project Length 2 x approx 1 hour


This project combines some great experimental mark making with a range of collage techniques.

Firstly, the children taped two pieces of black card together ( an adult will need to help younger children).  For older groups, we showed them how to create a city-scape template on a strip of card by drawing a range of roof-top shapes and cutting it out.  They then positioned the template at the bottom off their paper and drew around it in chalk.  Keeping the template in place, they used a finger to smudge the chalk outwards to create the impression of light coming from behind the buildings.  With younger groups we skipped this step and went straight on to drawing the fireworks.  The children were shown how to create a range of ‘explosive’ effects using chalks and smudging with their fingers.  They were encouraged to experiment with different marks such as straight lines, curved lines, zig-zags, dots etc.


We set up a ‘glitter station’ on a different table (this keeps things much tidier!).  We showed the children how to use pva glue sparingly on the area they wanted glitter.  Then they were told to use a pinch (thumb and forefinger) of glitter at a time and shake it off over the paper plate.  We managed to keep the mess to a minimum by doing this!

At the start of the second session the children were shown how to make pop-up elements for their collage.   Firstly, they cut some exciting fireworks shapes out of holographic card.  Then they wound pipe-cleaners around pencils to create a spring effect.  They attached the shape to the pipe cleaner using selloptape.  Then, using a blunt pencil, they made holes in the black card where they wanted to pop-ups to be.  Younger children will need the holes made for them by an adult.  Then they pushed the springy pip-cleaner through the hole and secured it on the back with sellotape.  We provided them with ribbons and tissue paper so they they could decorate the pop-up shapes and add tails and explosions.

Once finished, and dried, the picture can be folded in half and then opened to reveal the explosive fireworks!





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