This was a great session which combined a focus on line and shape with hands-on messy fun with tissue paper and water squirters!

We began by using a ‘Roll a Miro’ game to generate lots of interesting shapes and lines.  I used this one I found on pinterest but there are many, many other versions available online.  No point reinventing the wheel!  The children drew their designs in pencil first so that they could make changes in scale and positioning before tracing over their lines in black sharpie.

Once they were happy with their designs (we spent a while looking at the way Miro varied the size of his forms and lines for maximum impact) it was time to make the background.  I had the children decide roughly on a colour scheme for their work and then rip up tissue paper and cover their drawing with it, making sure that there was no paper showing.  If the tissue paper over lapped it was all the better.  I then handed out water sprays (I recycle old sprays from the kitchen for this, they seem to work much better than ones you buy) and set them to work soaking their pictures.  As you can imagine, they enjoyed this bit!

One the paper was fully soaked, we patted it down gently (hands WILL get messy!) and then very gently peeled off the tissue.  The children enjoyed revealing the lovely blurred version of the tissue paper colours underneath.   We had a short break while we left them to dry off a bit (some of the soggiest needed a bit a a pat dry with kitchen towel) and then we set to work on the final stage.

We looked again at the Miro painting and saw how he had used solid blocks of mainly primary colours to contrast sharply with his soft, textural backgrounds.  I handed out ready mix paint in primary colours and small brushes and the children set to work picking out areas of their drawing they wished to stand out.  A few of them also added in a couple more sharpie lines and shapes at this stage too.  We were pretty pleased with the finished results.


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