Crazy for Clay


One of the reasons that I love what I do is that there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.  This half term the children in our After School Clubs and Home Educated groups are going to be getting to grips with clay.  This is so different from our previous topic of painting and I am intrigued see what they all come up  with.  Will those that excelled with colour theory also excel with clay, or will this new medium give other children a chance to really shine?  This is the wonderful thing about art; it comes in so many guises there is something for everyone.  I am planning to keep this topic as open ended as possible and really allow the children to get creative and use their imaginations.  Many of the children will never have worked with clay before so I want to ensure that they have plenty of time to discover its possibilities for themselves.  We are beginning this week by working on a flat surface, making patterned tiles and then we will move onto 3D work with coil pots and, eventually, animals.  When I told them my plans before the holiday they were already bursting with ideas so I am sure that they are going to produce some truly lovely things.  Watch this space…

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