Colourful Reads

Everyday in Art Explorers classes I am reminded how art is an essential tool in the development of early literacy skills.  From the smallest children who are just beginning to form words and identify colours to older children developing their expressive language skills by talking about how an art work makes them feel.  Art and literacy go hand in hand.  Of course, this means that literacy can also be used to support artistic development.  The early years is a time when picture books are key and it is often the pictures, rather than the story that draw little ones in.  I wanted to share with you today a few of my favourite books that little ones will love to read with you and which will also support their artistic development.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  (
Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle)


This was always a firm favourite in our house when my children were small and is a lovely rhythmic story that can not fail to reinforce colour knowledge through its lovely illustrations of animals.

Little Blue and Little Yellow  (Leo Lionni)


Another great one for very young children and a great introduction to colour theory. What happens when yellow and blue hug?  Lovely ‘torn paper’ style illustrations. Also has a nice friendship theme.

Mouse Paint (Ellen Stoll Walsh)


An engagingly messy tale of three mice jumping in three jars of paint and what happens when they come together.  Would be a great support to some practical colour mixing activities.

A Colour of His Own (Leo Lionni)


Another story that supports colour recognition.  A chameleon goes on a journey in search of a colour of his own and changes many different colours along the way, finally realising that no matter what colour his on the outside,  is he is the same on the inside.  More lovely illustrations here too.

Happy reading!

Next week…. great art books for primary aged children. x


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