Fluffy Paint


One of the great things about the job I do is that I am constantly discovering new things.  I love mixing and experimenting and seeing what happens!  In our mini classes this week we have been using fluffy paint to make ice-cream pictures.  I know that there are many fluffy paint products on the market but, as with lots of kids art and craft, it seems crazy to buy it when you can make it yourself.  This is such a simple and effective recipe I thought I should share.  It could be a fun activity to try over half term if you find yourself with an hour or so to spare.

You need:

  • PVA Glue
  • Shaving Foam
  • Food colouring

Mix together the glue and the shaving foam using a ratio of around 50:50.  It should still retain the frothy-ness of the foam.  Add a few drops of food colouring.  Make up a few colours.  You can then provide spoons, spreaders, brushes…whatever takes your fancy and let them get creative.   In our classes I provided cone shaped paper and various ‘sprinkles’ in the form of dried tapioca and pasta to add decorations.  You could even use glitter!  The great thing about this is once it is dry it stays fluffy, thanks to the glue.  This is a great activity for all ages.  Even babies will enjoy grabbing handfuls of this and watching the colours swirl together.  It would be lovely to see a few pictures of your creations on the facebook page.  Happy painting!

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