Length of project – approx. 2 x 1hr

Ages 5 – 11


The final project of out Line and Shape drawing topic has a lovely Christmassy vibe and also really gives the children a chance to push themselves and consolidate what they have learnt this term.



We began by looking at this picture of a reindeer.  Before we even put pencil to paper we discussed what lines and shapes they could see.  They spotted straight lines, curved lines and some angle lines.  They also noticed that the eye and nostril were ‘squashed dot shapes’.  Then we broke the reindeer down into some simple shapes, just using pencil at this stage to allow for adjustments:

  • A large oval for the body
  • A ’rounded triangle’ for the head (we used 4 fingers to measure the distance away from the body)
  • Two curved lines for the neck

One we had the basic shape in place, I showed them how to use fingers to measure where they wanted the legs to finish (most went for around 4).  This avoids reindeer with either massively long or really short legs! They drew a feint line to mark where the legs would stop.  Then we continued looking at line and shape:

  • The front leg closest to us (two slightly curved lines and an angle line for the hoof)
  • The back leg closest to us (angle lines)
  • The front leg on the far side (notice it is IN-FRONT of the leg they have already drawn and finishes higher up)
  • The back leg on the far side ( BEHIND the other back leg – angle lines but they also finish higher up)
  • Curved line for the tail
  • Angle line for the ear
  • Dots for eye and nostril

By now, the reindeer were really taking shape.  Some children had made adjustments as they went by making the head bigger, body smaller etc.  We just needed the finishing touch of the antlers!  We looked at the shape and how they are made up of curved and angle lines.  Some children were worried about getting them ‘wrong’ but with some encouragement they all did a great job and their drawing instantly became reindeer!

Once they were happy with all of the elements, they went over their pencil lines with sharpie and rubbed out those that they no longer needed.  Then they were given free rein (!) to create a seasonal setting for their reindeer.


They loved this and had some brilliant ideas.  We used Crayola Markers to add colour once all of the details were in place.  A super-festive piece of art!


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