Our new collage topic is underway in our after school and home education groups.  We have eased the children into the new term with a simple, one session activity that introduced them to some of the possibilities of collage.  In preparation for this lesson, I visited a travel agent (thankfully still on our local high street!) and managed to get a donation of lots of old holiday brochures that could be cut up.  Some of the children also brought along print outs of photos from their own holidays to add a personal touch.

Each child was given a piece of A5 card which I had folded in half.  They were told that they were going to use the brochures and photos to create a scene either reminiscent of their own holiday or of a fantasy holiday destination.  Many children, in the end, opted for a combination of the two.  Firstly they created their backgrounds, thinking about the setting.  Would it be a beach scene?  In the mountains? In a forest, or perhaps a city? Some children chose to also use pens to add details at this point which was fine by me.

Once the background was created I showed them how to make the ‘pop up’ element.  We did this by selecting individual buildings, animals, people or natural features from the brochures and gluing them onto some card.  Then they needed to carefully cut them out (this is great practice for cutting skills and challenged even some older children), remembering to leave a tab at the bottom that could be folded and stuck onto the postcard.  I demonstrated how to make sure it fitted into the postcard when flat by lining it up before gluing and checking the positioning.

Once they had the idea, they got very absorbed in making their pop ups and some of the more able children even started to think about perspective, placing larger things near the front and smaller things behind.  If they couldn’t find a picture of what they wanted to pop up in the brochures? No worries, they grabbed the pens and drew it themselves! A lovely example of building confidence and artistic expression. I think you’ll agree that they did a great job!


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