Crafty Card Ideas for Teachers

It’s getting close to the end of term and those of us with children in school or pre-school are starting to think about presents for teachers.  At my children’s school parents mostly club together and contribute towards vouchers.  Speaking as somebody who was a teacher, this is fab.  It’s lovely to be able to use the vouchers to choose something that you really would like.  That being said, the presents I most remember receiving as a teacher are the homemade ones.  It is lovely when a child goes to the effort of making something at home.  Despite what parents might think, teachers are genuinely touched by such offerings, no matter how ‘homemade’ they are.  I have kept cards made for me by children in the first class I ever taught and they hold very special memories.  With that in mind, I have been trawling the internet in search of some inspiration for this year.  I have tried to pick out ideas that are appropriate for even the littlest children to enjoy.

This lovely hand print plant in a pot has a nice message and is perfect for children leaving a nursery to start ‘big school’.

simple hand print teacher card



This lion is grrreat and will be a sure fire hit with little ones into animals with big teeth!

Here's a simple Father's Day craft Dad will love. Make a yellow footprint and fingerpaint on a brown mane and details to make a lion. Ad...


For a slightly more mixed-media option, why not have a go at this wax resist card?  Small children could draw a picture while older ones might write a message.

Crayon Resist thank you card painted by child


For slightly older children, this flowers in a cup idea is very effective.


This is a lovely way of using little hands to make a personalised gift.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful – I will be trying out a couple myself!

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