Travel-Friendly Art Ideas

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It’s that time of year when lots of people are thinking about heading off on their holidays. With young children, the prospect of a long journey can seem daunting.  Everyone would rather their child didn’t spend the entire time watching films on a tablet but it is so tempting when you are concerned about disturbing other passengers – we’ve all been there!  The good news is, however, with a little bit of forward planning it is possible to at least punctuate the film-watching with some creative activities that won’t make a mess or annoy those around you. Why not give some of these a try this year?

  1. Bring along some paper and a set of rectangular (or other novelty shaped) wax crayons.  Round crayons are a nightmare – you will end up spending the whole journey looking for them between the seats as they roll off the table.
  2. Take a set of post-it notes that can be used to cut out fish shapes.  You can then while away some time playing the fishing game using a pencil with a bit of string attached to catch the fish.  Cutting out the fish shapes will keep little fingers busy for a while too. (NB. children’s scissors are usually allowed on flights but don’t forget to get them out of your bag as you go through security – again, been there!)
  3. A little box of paper clips and some string can be used for threading a necklace or bracelet.  You can also thread paper-clips into each other if you don’t have string. This won’t take up much room in your bag but will take quite a while to complete.
  4. Another thing that is light and doesn’t take up much space are pipe cleaners. They are great for making little sculptures and figures.  They can be used to act out a story once completed. Double the fun!
  5. For slightly older children, origami is great fun.  You can find lots of free printables at  Origami Club


Happy Holidays!

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