Scrap Heaven


I have just returned from a visit to the Wotever Scrap Store in Welwyn Garden City.  It is such a fabulous treasure trove that I felt I ought to share it here, although I must admit it is tempting to keep it to myself.  I use this place regularly for my art classes and it never lets me down.  It is part of the Connect Club charity and offers therapeutic employment to vulnerable adults.  You can join for £25 for the year and then visit as many times as you wish and help yourself to as much as you can carry.   They have virtually everything you could think of, from ribbons and boxes, to card and plastic pots and any number of weird and wonderful bits and pieces that leave you guessing what they were originally intended to be.

During a ‘Robot’ topic I took a trip there to gather boxes and bits and pieces that might be useful for modelling.  It was only during one of the sessions did another adult walk through the room and recognise that the ‘funnel’ shaped boxes were actually bed pans (unused, of course!).  I must say that despite their rather unsavoury intended use, they made fantastic robots!  Often when I visit I go with a list and come out with a hundred other ideas for future projects such is the variety of scrap available. My own children love to come along when I go to stock up and never fail to find inspiration for their makes amongst the bottle lids and cellophane. It is a truly inspiring place, doing such great work for the community.  If you are ever passing, pop by and have a look around.  I’d be surprised if you don’t come out with your hands full!

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