Egg-citing Eggs


With Easter fast approaching it seems about time to start thinking of some fun arty activities to keep the little ones entertained during the school holidays.  This is a great time of year for art and craft and the possibilities are endless.  I have noticed over the last few years that shops seem to have cottoned on to this and are now selling lots of ‘Easter Craft’ packs.  These are not only often very over-priced but I have also found that they can limit creativity.  My children would really rather be given a few basics and set off to do their own thing rather than following instructions to create a finished product.

Good news though -the great thing about art and craft with children is that it really doesn’t have to cost a lot.  In fact, some of the most fun activities use only a few materials, most of which can be found around the home.  Take these marbled Easter eggs, for example.  Who doesn’t have a few eggs, some shaving foam and a bit of food colouring?  This is all you will need for a good half hour or so of messy, sensory, colour mixing fun and I guarantee that it will be much more of a hit than a ‘craft pack’.

You need:

  • Shaving Foam
  • Food Colouring
  • Eggs (with the inside blown out – you can watch how to do it here)

Squirt shaving foam into a tub or cake tin.  Add a few drops of food colouring (gel colouring is best) in a couple of different colours.  Allow your child to use their fingers or a selection of tools such as straws to swirl it around.  Drop in an egg and cover it with the swirly shaving foam.  Lift out and allow it to sit for around half an hour before scraping off the shaving foam. You should have a beautifully patterned egg! Children of all ages will enjoy getting stuck in with this – it could even create a short window of sibling harmony!  You could hang them to make Easter decorations if you wish.

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