Telling the time

I am always on the look out for new ways to use cardboard tubes.  As people who come to my classes will attest, they crop up in a myriad of different guises. This is a new one though.  I love it when making has a practical use and this really does!  Telling the time is something that children often struggle  with so anything that helps has got to be a good thing.  These watches could also be used for little ones who are worried about going to nursery for the first time.  Try setting the watch to the time they will be picked up as a way to reassure them that they are not being abandoned for ever!

It’s so easy to make.  All you need is a section of cardboard tube, some small scraps of card, a split pin, some pens and little sparkly bits to decorate.  There are lots of learning opportunities here:  You could start by looking carefully at a real clock face and ask what numbers they can see, are both hands the same etc.  You can talk about shape as you cut out the circular watch face.  If the numbers are too tricky for your little one to add, why not have them write the numbers in a tray filled with rice or salt while you write them on the watch?  Once the watch is assembled they can get creative and decorate it as they wish.

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