Autumn Leaves

Autumn is such a lovely time for art and craft activities.  There is such an abundance of free materials just ripe for the taking! Whilst out on my run this morning I was struck by just how many different types of leaf were littering the path between Hertford and Ware. Big ones, small ones, smooth ones, spiky ones! Such a variety to intrigue and inspire inquiring minds.   There are numerous ways to make creative use of this bounty and we will be using leaves in several ways in our classes next week.

I couldn’t resist (get it?!) having a go at some wax rubbings with some of the leaves I found.  Small children will often need a bit of help to get started with this as holding the leaf still and rubbing with the crayon at the same time is hard for little hands.  You could try blu-tacking the leaf to the table to stop it slipping if this is a problem. They will also need to be shown how to use the crayon on it’s side to cover a large area which can be challenging.  However, once they get they hang of it, the results are magical.  It is lovely to see their faces as the leaf appears for the first time on the paper.  For even more magical results, try rubbing with a white crayon or candle and then painting over with some runny paint or liquid water colour.  The leaf will appear before their very eyes!  For children who are getting to grips with scissors, this is a great opportunity to practice cutting out.  Why not create a line of leaf bunting and practise those threading skills as well?  There are so many options and all you need is a few leaves and a crayon.  Art on a budget at it’s best!

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