Avoiding Pumpkin-Related Injuries!

I don’t know about you but here at Art Explorers HQ we have been getting rather excited about Halloween.  My own mini explorers came home from the grandparents house the other day with a beautifully carved pumpkin each.  Poor Grandad had been very busy!  They had apparently designed the faces and then Grandad had carved them out.  This is the annual problem that parents of any child below knife-wielding age face…kids get so excited about carving a pumpkin only to discover that it is impossible/dangerous for them to do it themselves. Cue parents up and down the and covered form head to toe in pumpkin detritus with RSI from carving ridiculously intricate features (‘no, it needs to be a STAR shape!’).  Accordingly, I have been having a think about alternatives.  Although it is lovely to have a pumpkin glowing outside your house, it is also nice to have an activity that busy fingers can get on with independently.

Here is a great idea that will also help develop those fine motor skills.  Children love wrapping activities and googly eyes so this is perfect!


And here’s a messier one but they look amazing.  Just grab your paint and off you go!


Find out more at   www.inlieuofpreschool.com

Have fun and please share any ideas either below or on our facebook page

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