Art Explorers workshops provide the opportunity for pupils to fully immerse themselves in the fabulous process of making art.  Our half-day and full day workshops are tailored to your individual needs and are suitable for children from EYFS – Y6.

Our exciting programmes allow for plenty of experimentation and discovery, with pupils working either collaboratively or individually to create work they feel immensely proud of.  We provide all necessary materials so this is a great chance for your pupils to work with media they haven’t tried before.

Does your art curriculum need a boost?

We can design workshops that focus on a specific artist, period of art or technique, incorporating lots of hands on learning.

Do you want to bring a topic to life?

From Ancient Egypt to Rain Forests, our cross curricular approach can bring a touch of sparkle to any topic.

Do you have a communal area or outside space that needs some love?

Whether it’s adding some pizazz to a playground or colour to a corridor, we can work with your pupils to produce art for any area of your school.

Our sessions are fully inclusive and we pride ourselves on ensuring that every pupil has lots of fun and experiences the fantastic feeling of success.

Please contact Becky to discuss your school’s specific requirements.

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