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Quaker Meeting House, 50 Railway St, Hertford, SG14 1BA

Thursday 2nd August – 10 -12

2D Miro

We will look at examples of Miro’s paintings discuss his choice of shape and line. The children will learn that Miro created his own pictorial language to create his surrealist paintings. In line with the playful nature of Miro’s work, the children will play a game based on this pictorial language to generate a large range of shapes and lines for their own composition. Once these pieces are all in place the children will have fun using tissue paper and water sprays to create a beautifully colourful background for their work.

Thursday 9th August –  10 -12

3D Miro

Miro dreamed of merging the properties of painting and sculpture and creating works in four dimensions. We can’t quite manage that, but we can have fun creating some 3D Miro-inspired sculptures. Using Miro’s pictorial language as inspiration the children will create a range of surreal images from their own imagination on pieces of card. The images will then be painted in bold colours and then assembled by slotting the pieces together in a crazy 3D sculpture!

Suitable for ages 5- 11

£15 per session. £25 when both booked together. 20% sibling discount








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